Level Up Your Finances

April 20, 2024 @ 10:00AM — 12:30PM Central Time (US & Canada)

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Mastering Your Mindset and Relationship with Money (In-Person & Virtually)

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This workshop will address both the psychological and practical aspects of financial literacy, empowering you to develop a healthy relationship with money and equip you with practical strategies for financial success.

This workshop is designed for individuals of all financial backgrounds who are looking to improve their relationship with money, build a strong financial foundation, and achieve their financial goals.

By attending this workshop, you will gain valuable insights, develop practical skills, and leave with a personalized action plan to take control of your financial future.

Workshop Agenda:

Part 1: Mindset & Relationship with Money

  • Exploring the Psychology of Money: We'll complete a financial values assessment and a journaling exercise or group discussion to identify our core beliefs about money.
  • Understanding Your Money Beliefs: We'll explore how your upbringing, cultural background, and personal experiences shape your beliefs about money.
  • Shifting Your Money Mindset: Learn the importance of positive money mindset, challenge limiting beliefs, cultivate empowering beliefs around money.

Part 2: Financial Literacy Basics

  • Building Your Financial Foundation: Understanding cash flow; tracking income and expenses and identifying areas for improvement, and creating personal net worth statement.
  • Debt Management Strategies: Options for Managing Different Types of Debt, and Eliminating Debt Through Effective Repayment Strategies.
  • Building Credit & Savings: Learning the Important of Credit Score; Building and Maintaining Good Credit Through Managing Credit and Repayment Habits; and Making Savings a Regular Part of Your Plan.

Part 3: Taking Action & Building Momentum

  • Creating a Financial Action Plan: Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) financial goals which will involve Identifying short-term, mid-range, and long-term goals.
  • Building Sustainable Habits: Developing and Adjusting a Priority Spending Plan to Achieve Your Goals
  • Planning for the Future: Building Savings and Investing in Your Future with an Eye on Building Net Worth

Additional Resources:

  • Participants will receive a list of valuable resources to continue their financial literacy journey.

Workshop Format:

This workshop will combine interactive activities, group discussions, and practical exercises to help you gain knowledge and develop actionable steps. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in self-reflection and explore their money beliefs.
  • Learn essential financial literacy concepts.
  • Apply their knowledge to create a personalized financial action plan.
  • Develop practical tools and habits to manage their finances effectively.
By attending this workshop, participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to take control of their finances and build a brighter financial future.

Tara Alderete is the Director of Enterprise Learning at Money Management International (MMI), the largest provider of nonprofit financial counseling and education in the United States.

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